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vegetable pizza

Preparation : 20 min Resting : -
Cooking : 1 hr Equipment :
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Serves 6 :
2 zucchinis
3 onions
4 tbsp passata
7 fresh basil leaves
chili olive oil
5 tomatoes
2 mozzarella cheeses
3 oz sliced almonds
olive oil 
1Make the pizza dough according to the recipe from the website MAGIMIX.
2For the topping: wash the vegetables and slice them with the onions using the 2-mm slicing disc.
3Cut the mozzarella into quarters and chop in the Mini Bowl. Preheat the oven to 410°F (gas mark 6-7).
4Fry the sliced onions in a frying pan with a dash of olive oil. Roll the pizza dough out on a floured surface and prick lightly with a fork.
5Cover the dough with a layer of passata, onions, sliced tomatoes (drain first) and mozzarella dice. Next, add the zucchinis and sliced almonds.Season between each layer (salt and pepper).
6Drizzle olive oil over the top.
7Bake until the dough is golden.
8When the pizza comes out of the oven, scatter with fresh basil and sprinkle with chili olive oil.
Chef’s tip

You can also use this recipe to make individual pizzas. 


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