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Blini batter

Preparation : 1 hr 5 min Resting : -
Cooking : 2 min Equipment : 9-cm blini or frying pan
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Serves 2 :
2 ¼ cups wheat flour 
3 tbsp thick crème fraîche 
3 tsp yeast
1 pinch salt
1 ¼ cup of milk
4 tbsp butter 
3 eggs
1Stir the yeast into the warm (35 °C) milk with a fork until it dissolves. Allow to rest for 1 minute.
2Separate the eggs.
3Put the flour, salt, egg yolks and yeast liquid in the main bowl fitted with the dough blade. Process for 30-60 seconds.
4Beat the egg whites in the bowl with the whisk for 5 minutes, remembering to remove the pusher before you begin.
5Gently fold the cream into the dough, followed by the egg whites, using the spatula.
6Heat the blini pan, brush with butter and cook each blini for 1 minute on each side.


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