Here you will find a lot of frequently asked questions regarding the use and the maintenance of your equipment as well as safeguards.​


1- What sort of bread is suitable for toasting?
- You can toast all types of bread.
- Do not warm bread or pastries on top of the toaster as the fat in them can burn and may eventually damage the stainless steel.
- Do not toast pastries or sugar-coated bread.   

2- The bread doesn’t toast evenly 
- To be evenly browned, the bread must be of equal freshness and humidity. If one slice is drier than another, it will toast more quickly than the other and may even burn. 
- Slices of uneven thickness will not toast evenly.
- Cut a French baguette in half lengthwise and flatten it slightly before inserting.  

3- Why do the buttons not light up with lever in raised position?
As an energy-saving feature, the buttons only light up when the lever is activated (in the down position) 

4- How do you remove the crumbs or toasted bits that have fallen to the bottom of the toaster? 
- Before cleaning, moving or storing your toaster, first unplug it and let it cool.
- Slide out the removable crumb tray from the left side of the toaster.
- Never attempt to remove a wedged piece of toast with a metal utensil. 

5- How do you remove bread that has become wedged?
- Before cleaning, moving or storing away your toaster, first unplug it and let it cool.
- Open the window panel(s) and carefully remove the piece of toast using a wooden utensil. To release the window panel(s), slide the button under the toaster and tilt the panel forward.
- Never attempt to remove a wedged piece of toast with a metal utensil. 

6- Smoke is coming out of the toaster 
- Press the STOP button
- Unplug the toaster and let it cool.
- Carefully remove any wedged pieces of toast ==> see question 4 

7- A white vertical strip appears on one side of the toast 
- The toast has been placed too close to one end of the toaster. Move it closer to the center.
- For very thick pieces of bread, it is best to toast them one by one in the center. 

8- Why is my bread toasted only on one side?
- Check to see if you have selected the Bagel setting by mistake.   

9- What is the Bagel setting for?
- The Bagel function enables you to toast on one side only.
- Cut the bagel in half before toasting
- Insert the half with the side to be toasted facing outwards towards you.
- Turn on the toaster by lowering the lever, and then press the “Bagel” button.
- Baguettes – the Bagel function can also be used for French baguettes. Some pieces of a baguette may become wedged if inserted vertically. In this case, cut longer pieces. 

10- What do you do if black marks appear on the heating elements? 
- This will not alter the quality of the toasting and the marks will disappear with use.
- If necessary, carefully tilt the reflectors to remove any burned toast close to the heating elements. This should only be done when the appliance is cool.