In the early 1960's, Robot-Coupe was born in Burgundy – a region of France famous for gastronomy. 

Robot-Coupe's original idea was to create a single machine that could perform a variety of tasks for professional chefs (such as chopping, grinding, kneading, shredding…).

Based on the technical breakthroughs and professional standards, Magimix was founded to develop domestic versions of Robot-Coupe Food Processors. Since 1971, Magimix has manufactured the Food Processor that was once acclaimed by The New York Times as: "the culinary revolution of the 20th century"

Magimix by Robot-Coupe Food Processors are now found in more than 60 countries and known worldwide as an indisputable kitchen essential. The original, it continues to be favored by top chefs, culinary schools, food writers and dedicated home cooks.