Should your appliance have a genuine manufacturing defect, please contact us at 
- Your contact information: name, address and telephone number,
- Copy/photo of your receipt or of your order confirmation,
- Photo of the data label which is located on the bottom of the machine,
- A photo of the damaged part(s) – if applicable,
- A brief description of your claim.

Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty

The Warranty is valid only for products purchased and used in North America.
All parts and accessories are guaranteed for 3 years from the date of purchase.
The motor of the food processor is guaranteed for 30 years.
Labor is guaranteed for 1 year.
No registration is necessary. To take advantage of this warranty, you must present your proof of purchase. 
Before sending a warranty claim, we recommend you consult the instructions book and check the FAQ on

Notwithstanding anything stated in this warranty, purchasers are not entitled to make a warranty claim in the following cases:
  • The product is being used in a different country from where it was purchased.
  • The product was not purchased through a Magimix-authorized retailer or product reseller – e.g. non-listed sellers and online resellers, or at auctions.
  • The product has been used for commercial purpose or in non-household applications.
  • The product is connected to a power supply with a voltage and/or frequency different than that shown on the identification plate.
  • Normal wear and tear, stain and age, including cosmetic changes that do not affect performance, such as discoloration or the effects of the use of abrasives, cleaners or food build-up.
  • The defect is a consequence of use other than the ordinary or intended use of the product.
  • Damages were caused by maintaining, operating or using the product in a manner not in accordance with the instruction manual provided with the product.
  • The result of a fall or an impact.
  • Incorrect handling not in compliance with the instructions for use.
  • Insufficient care or cleaning.
  • Defects or damages that are caused by accessories, replacement parts or repair service other than those that have been authorized by Magimix.
  • The model number or serial number of the product has been removed, replaced, altered or rendered illegible.
  • External events (fire, flood, etc.).
The benefits to a purchaser under this warranty are in addition to the purchaser’s other legal rights and remedies in relation to the products to which the warranty relates.
In no circumstances shall the application of this warranty give rise to the complete replacement of the appliance or entitle the purchaser to damages. The guarantee period commences on the date of purchase and will not be extended due to any claims made during this period.
The cost of shipping the product to after-sales service shall be borne by the purchaser.

All claims must be submitted to MAGIMIX Customer Care Department:

Please consult FAQ and instruction manuals: For Use