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Veggie pizza

Veggie pizza

Preparation : 45 min Resting : 1 hr
Cooking : 15 min Equipment :
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Serves 1 large pizza :
200 g strong white bread flour
100 ml water
6 g fresh yeast
1 tsp dried oregano (optional)
2 tomatoes
1 oignon
Fresh basil
35 ml olive oil
4 g salt
300 g mozzarella cheese
6 tbsp tomato coulis
1 small courgette
chili oil 
1Stir the yeast into the water with a fork until it dissolves. Allow to rest for 1 minute.
2Put the salt, flour, oregano, oil and yeast liquid in the main bowl fitted with the dough blade.
3Process for 1 minute or until the dough starts to form a ball. If necessary, scrape thebowl walls clean with the spatula and run the processor for a further few secon4. Lift the dough out of the bowl with floured hands and roll it into a ball. Place it in alarge mixing bowl and cover with cling film or a damp cloth. Leave to rise for approx 1 hour.
4 With floured hands, knock back* the dough by giving it a few gentle punches.
5Fill the dripping pan in the oven with water and preheat your oven to 240 °C (gas mark 9).
6Roll the dough out. on a floured worktop to form one large pizza base (or two smaller ones). Prick it all over with a fork.


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