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Meat stuffing

Meat stuffing

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Serves 6 :
675 g meat 
130 g bread (crusts removed)
3 c.c de sel 
7 sprigs parsley
2 onions
4 tbsp milk 
3 garlic cloves
salt, pepper
1Soak the bread in lukewarm milk.
2Peel and quarter the garlic and onions, removing the garlic's bitter central shoot. Wash and dry the parsley. Transfer to the main bowl with the metal blade. Pulse 3-4 times.
3Cut the meat into large pieces and add to the main bowl. Process for 20 seconds. Squeeze the bread out and add to the bowl, together with a little of the tomato flesh, the paprika and the salt and pepper.
4Pulse 4-5 times to achieve an even texture. Check the seasoning.
5Fill the tomatoes with the meat stuffing. Put their “hats” back on. Arrange in an oven dish and sprinkle with olive oil.
6Bake for the time indicated in the table.


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