Consumer guide


The Magimix Le Duo range offers a truly comprehensive solution
for making fruit and vegetable juices.

To savor 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day, Magimix invented
a single machine for making home made juices.

Citrus press
for juicing oranges, lemons, grapefruit...
2 cones for large and small citrus fruits.​
Juice Extractor
for extracting a pure, clear juice from fruit and vegetables.
visibly high-quality juice clear and smooth with no froth.
1 apple = 1 glass
for extracting from soft or cooked fruits and vegetables
(strawberries, peppers,tomatoes...): nectars, smoothies or coulis

* according to model ​(Duo Plus XL)

More vitamins, juice, antioxydants
- More Vitamins:
More vitamin C in home-made orange juice (Source: ANSES versus bottled juice)
With the SmoothieMix attachment*: +66% of Vitamin C vs Traditional juicer
(Spectralays measurement laboratory)
- More Juice:
1 apple = 1 glass of juice
With the SmoothieMix attachment*: 86% of juice yield (Invivo laboratory)
- More Antioxidants:
With the SmoothieMix attachment*: +81% of antioxydants vs Slowjuicer 
(Invivo laboratory)

* according to model (Duo Plus XL)

New basket with removable rim for easy cleaning. 
All parts can be removed and are dishwasher safe.
Spatula included for easy cleaning.

All juicers are manufactured in France and come equipped with a powerful,
ultra quiet commercial grade induction motor
 that bears a 30 year guarantee*.
Heavy duty stainless steel juice extractor basket for optimal juice extraction.


* Motor guarantee : according to the country