Food Processor

Invented by Magimix by Robot-Coupe and manufactured in France,
the multifunction food processor has become an invaluable tool
for everyday cooking and special gourmet occasions.
Offering maximum functionality within a single machine,
all our food processors are ideal for chopping, slicing, grating, blending, whisking, kneading or juicing.

Simple three-button operation;
The motor automatically adjusts its power output to the optimum level.

As well as the Main bowl, Magimix Food Processors have Midi and Mini bowls. 
Each bowl functions independently allowing you to carry out several tasks in succession.
Main Bowl: for all preparations of large quantity
Midi Bowl: for all types of slicing & grating
Mini Bowl: with specific mini blade for small quantities

Manufactured in France, all our food processors come equipped with a powerful, ultra quiet commercial grade induction motor that bears a 30 year guarantee.
All parts & accessories are also made in France and come with a 3 year guarantee.