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Asparagus Foam

Asparagus Foam

Preparation : 15 min Resting : 1 hr
Cooking : 20 min Equipment : SmoothieMix - Espuma gun (soda siphon)
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Serves 6 :
1 bunch green asparagus
250 ml single cream
Chicken stock
2 sheets gelatine
1Wash and peel the asparagus spears, discarding the tough, woody bases. Set six spears aside. Chop the remainder into small pieces.
2Immerse the asparagus in a pan of hot chicken stock (the liquid should just cover the spears) and cook for approx. 20 min until the asparagus is soft.
3Add the cream and season with pepper.
4Put the gelatine sheets in a bowl of cold water to soften.
5Process the asparagus in the Smoothiemix, together with the chicken stock and cream.
6Add the gelatine to the creamed asparagus and stir until dissolved.
7Pour the resulting mixture into the espuma gun and insert a gas cartridge. Shake the gun to combine thoroughly.
8Refrigerate for at least one hour.
9Just before serving, heat a dash of olive oil in a frying pan and fry the reserved asparagus spears with a pinch of salt.
10Serve the foam in tiny cocktail glasses, with the asparagus spears on top.


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