Consumer guide

Pâtissier Multifunction

Thanks to our professional experience,
Magimix continues to be innovative in the culinary universe
with Patissier & Multifunction Food Processor!

Offering maximum functionality within a single machine:
kneading brioche or bread and pastry doughs,
whisking egg whites or whipping cream,
grating carrots or potatoes,
slicing cucumbers or tomatoes,
chopping meat, blending soups, whizzing up milkshakes,
emulsifying sauces.

Three buttons allows access to all functions.
Relevant recipes from starters to desserts.
Easy to use accessories.
A lid for a clean and safe work.
Accessory box provides safe, compact storage.

To cook from starters to desserts:
1 Stainless steel bowl for large Pastry and Bakery quantities.
3 food processing bowls allows you to carry out several tasks in succession.
High quality accessories and commercial grade induction motor.

Manufactured in France, Le Patissier comes equipped with a powerful, ultra quiet commercial grade induction motor (1500W) with a 30 year guarantee*
All parts and accessories are also made in France.


* motor guarantee : according to the country